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Please provide a brief description of the project under consideration and the proposed use of Seward Foundation, Inc. grant monies.

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Please provide additional information regarding the project including the need that the project fulfills within the community and the target market for the project. How will this project be promoted to the community at large?

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Please provide financial information for the proposed project detailing out the overall estimated cost of the project and the sources and uses of funds including this grant application. Note: The Seward Foundation, Inc. prefers and encourages investment and support from other outside entities to fund projects.

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Who will continue to fund and maintain this program/project on an on-going basis?

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After grant monies from the Seward Foundation, Inc. has been expended what plans are being made to ensure the ongoing operation of the project/program?

Other Information
Is this project application related to a new or on-going program?

Who was involved in the development and planning of this program/project?

Will this program/project be evaluated regularly and if so by whom?

Is the project/program ready to begin immediately? If not, what is the target date for completion and/or readiness?

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