The Seward Foundation – What is it?

The Seward Foundation was organized to raise money and fund programs that are not funded directly from tax revenues and to assure the continuation of existing programs which might be lost to the community because of limitations on federal, state and local funding.

The Seward Foundation represents the integrity and rich tradition of self-support for which Seward has always distinguished itself. The Foundation offers donors the assurance that their donations will remain in the community providing worthy projects and programs that may be lost to other communities. The work of the Foundation will represent a model of self-sufficiency and a source of civic pride.

The Foundation is designed to work with the School District of Seward and the City of Seward. This fact is important for it means the Seward Foundation will consider granting money only to programs that are approved by the Board of Education or the City Council.

How is the Seward Foundation controlled?

The business of the Foundation is conducted by a Board of Directors consisting of seven people: two are elected members of the Seward City Council; two are elected members of the Seward School District; and three are citizens of the community.

Are gifts to the Seward Foundation tax deductible?

All gifts to the Seward Foundation are deductible from taxable income. The Foundation qualifies as a tax exempt organization under the rules of the Internal Revenue Service. Gifts, memorials and bequests, large and small, will provide the income for grants.

Where can more information about the Seward Foundation be obtained?

From the members of the Board of Directors. Copies of the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws are available from the offices of the Seward School District and the City of Seward.

Does the Foundation need your contribution?

Yes, if you believe in the future of Seward as a self-supporting community. The availability of tax moneys from the federal and/or state government is not something of which a community can be sure. There are increasing pressures on government to reduce spending. These reductions are taking place, and are being felt by communities such as Seward in the form of reduced federal and state funding. The Foundation has been attempting to make up the difference that these reductions have caused.

The financial climate in Seward, the United States, and in the world has changed so as to reduce the earnings available from the investment of funds. If you have supported the activities of the Foundation in the past, you can see hat the reduced interest earnings requires a larger amount of funds to generate the moneys necessary to keep the activites of the Foundation at the levels of previous years.

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